World Harmony Orchestra

Romain Malan and Cyrill Ibrahim have founded the World Harmony Orchestra. Cyrill holds the role of co-founder and Marketing advisor.

The World Harmony Orchestra believes that society should be like an orchestra, where everyone plays their part.

We play our social part by conveying a message of harmony:

Harmony within the orchestra; our members are all highly skilled professional musicians based in London, who come from all over the world and play together, united in a common sound.

Harmony with the communities we collaborate with; usually people who suffer from social isolation whether it is due to war, exile, ageing, homelessness or illness.

Harmony with the public; our concerts have a sense a conviviality, they aim to inspire our audiences and create a unique experience.

At WHO, you will meet generous musicians WHO are responsible world citizens, WHO believe in the fantastic power of music to bring people together and WHO perform repertoire that is meaningful and poignant, expressing hope, igniting empathy, raising awareness about tragic issues and inspiring people to act.

 Classical music can sometimes feel disconnected from reality. However, when it highlights today’s issues, it does not lose its prestige. On the contrary, it becomes truly magical and majestic with the power to speak beyond words.

 We currently focus our work towards the refugee crisis, as it is one of the most dramatic current topics. Through our music, we want to give a voice to the refugees worldwide and collaborate with the organisations that support them.