As a Concert Pianist it is my mission to communicate the beauty of music to as many people as possible during my life.

At a recent concert, I felt a moment of what can only be described as epiphany: I was suddenly at one with the music, as if my whole body had become its instrument.  It was sensual and empowering, but also humbling. It amounted to an act of total surrender on my part, and perhaps on the part of my audience, too.

What thrilled me was that members of the audience told me afterwards they recognised that something extraordinary had happened: they said they felt as if they were hearing the music for the first time, my oneness with the music allowed them to sit back and enjoy the experience without any distractions, they felt confidence in me to do justice to the music

Great music liberates us, it helps us to mature and to be more human. I see it as nothing less than a glorious act of consummation between a musician and his audience