The Woodville, Classical Concert

Kent, United Kingdom

Woodville Auditorium

1:00 PM

Cyrill Ibrahim will start todays musical journey with the in 1794 written sonata in E flat Major HOB XVI (no. 52)which is widely considered as one of the greatest sonatas because of its expansive length, unusual harmonies and interesting development. It's followed by the first book of Debussy's Images in which Debussy paints three pictures in sound.
Brahms's Rhapsodies Op.79 were written in 1879 when he was spending his summer in Portschah when he reached the maturity of his career.
Cyrill will end this recital with Schumann's Op 8 Allegro, which was intended to as the first movement of his first sonata but he decided to publish this as a concert piece in it's own.

Venue Details

Woodville Place Gravesend
Kent DA12 DAA
United Kingdom