Cyrill will be giving two Preview Concerts, the London Preview Concert on 22 May and the Amsterdam Preview Concert on 27 Juni. In these concerts he will play a selection of pieces which are going to be recorded on he Debut Album. London Preview





Concert 22 MAY,  7.30 pm. St Mary at Hill on Lovat Lane. Click here to book tickets.




preview flyer final 22 may




Amsterdam Preview Concert 27 JUNE, 20.15. Felix Meritus, Keizersgracht 324, Amsterdam

Cyrill has made live video recordings at the Royal College of Music. In the course of four month these videos will be shared on Twitter, Facebook and on his YouTube Channel.


“Yet another promising young pianist graces St Mary at Hill’s Square Mile Music Series. Where do they find them?

Cyrill Ibrahim, Dutch-born but currently based in London, produced a graceful and energetic performance of
Schubert’s piano sonata no.11 in A major, D664, – interesting to compare with last week’s earlier A minor.
Obviously more robust and upbeat, with more complexity, and this performance spanned the full range of tempo,
volume and colour with great flair.

Cyrill then introduced Schumann’s Allegro Op.8 in B minor, apparently intended as the opening movement of a sonata
but rejected as unsatisfactory. And indeed called by the composer in an overview of his life’s work ‘a big mistake’.
(Well, I can think of people who would be glad to have composed such a mistake.)
It contained many elements which could have developed into movements of the projected sonata, and if it did arrive
back where it started without really going anywhere in between, it was nevertheless worth hearing. The clarity of playing
gave it an integrity and cohesion which belied its standing as ‘rarely performed’; perhaps Cyrill’s patent liking of it will guarantee
it further outings.

Altogether an educative and exploratory concert, from a charming performer; exactly what we have come to expect from
the Square Mile series. Watch for these artists in the future.” – Ann Muir

On the 6th of July I graduated from the Royal College of Music in the Master of Performance Program. For two years I was a student at this institute. I am very grateful and honored that the Dutch Government gave me the opportunity to study in London with a full Scholarship.

In these two years I have met amazing musicians and inspiring artists who have influenced my artistic personality. It has been an interesting time at the RCM and am truly grateful for the work I have done with Professor Andrew Ball.

On the 6th of June Cyrill has performed at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam as part of the Netherlands America Trust Concert.

He played Brahms Rhapsodie Op. 79 No.1 which was well received.

Hereby I would like to thank the ‘Nationaal Instrumenten Fonds’ for having provided me with a Grand Piano for the last four years. I have had the Sauter 1.82m Grand Piano on loan. I have developed enormously through this instrument and have developed a great love for this instrument. Yesterday morning it was taken to the next loaner because of my moving to the UK.

The work the staff of the NMF is doing is from and incredible importance for musicians in the Netherlands. Their dedication is worth mentioning and I sincerely hope they will continu their work for a long time.

I am very happy to share that in the beginning of May I was awarded the HSP Grant. This grant is a ‘ Huygens Scholarship Programme’ award for talented students. It is provided by the Dutch Ministry of Education for those who have completed their studies with excellent results.

On the 27th of May 2010 there was a ceremony of the HSP to hand out the certificate stating this scholarship. I met all the other students who are going to study abroad with this scholarship.

With this grant the last step has been taken to start the London adventure at the Royal College of Music.I am incredibly thankful for getting this scholarship!

In September I will participate in a Workshop with Maria Joao Pires. She will work with ten students. The veneu will be in the South of France near Lyon in the Karma Ling Institute

This summer I have participated in the Birmingham International Piano Academy and had the privilege to be taught by Steven Osborne. I also worked with professors from the Birmingham Conservatoire.